Hakata no Mori Black 720.jpg
Hakata no Mori Black


Junmai Ginjo

Ingredients: Yamada Nishiki (from Itoshima, Fukuoka), Rice Koji (100% domestic)

Polishing Ratio: 60%

Alcohol Level: 15.0-15.9% 

Nihonshudo: +2

Acid: 1.2

Amino Acid: 1.1

Optimum temperature: Chilled, Room temperature


Characteristic: Made from 100% Yamada-Nishiki from Itoshima, Fukuoka. Enjoy this Ginjo's fruity aroma and a gentle sharpness followed by a rich umami, and full-bodied mouth feel from the sweetness of the high rice. Limited availability.


Capacity: 1800ml, 720ml