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Junmai Daiginjo

Ingredients: Yamada Nishiki

Polishing Ratio: 48%

Alcohol Level: 16%

Nihonshudo: -4   (Somewhat Sweet)

Acid: 1.6

Amino Acid: 1.2


Yeast: Saga Yeast F7

Brewing methods: 3 step Preparation

Sake Lee Rate: 40.4

Raw Sake Alcohol: 16.8

Sake Conversion Rate: 334.6 L/T

Characteristic: Made with Yamada Nishiki produced by local farmers in Saga. Using only Saga yearst, rice is carefully polished to 48%. This sake is a one of a kind Junmai Daiginjo, characterized by alcohol content -4, which cannot be copied by anybody else.


Capacity: 1800ml, 720ml