Shiboritate Ginjo 720.jpg





Ingredients: Yume Ikkon (100% domestic), Rice Koji (100% domestic), Brewed Alcohol

Polishing Ratio: 58%

Alcohol Level: 14.0 - 14.9%

Nihonshudo: +5

Acid: 1.5

Amino Acid: 1.4

Optimum temperature: Chilled, Room temperature

Characteristic: Ginjo on the nose, gorgeous and fragrant. Shiboritate translates to "freshly squeezed" which is apparent in this bottle's intense freshness. Bandai took meticulous care monitoring the thermal temperatures since the fermenting phase. Shiboritate was brewed deliberately with a low temperature. Please enjoy this fresh sake that we squeezed carefully from a wooden vat.

Capacity: 720ml