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Ingredients: Reihou

Polishing Ratio: 68%

Alcohol Level: 15.5%

Nihonshudo: -8

Acid: 1.5

Amino Acid: 1.3


Yeast: Kyoukai 7

Brewing methods: 3 step Preparation

Sake Lee Rate: 45

Raw Sake Alcohol: 18.3

Sake Conversion Rate: 281.9  L/T

Characteristic: This luxurious Honjozo has a feeling of being unprocessed and through restricted fermentation is made without utilizing  saccharification liquid or exogenous enzymes. This approach keeps the sake's flavor rice intensive and sharp while producing a rich mouth feel. Kinmon is the most popular in the Azumacho's Honjozo.


Capacity: 1800ml, 720ml, 300ml, 180ml