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Bandai, Kobayashishuzo Honten, is located in a suburb of Fukuoka City, which is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources. From the founder, Sakugoro Kobayashi, through the CEO of today, Bandai has been cherished for their consistency in producing a genuinely good tasting sake. Although Bandai is a small sized sakagura, we gently create hand made sake while maintaining our focus of using genuine, local material and technologies handed down throughout  generations.

2017年 全米日本酒歓評会

The U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2017

純米吟醸 博多の森​

Hakata no Mori Black


純米吟醸Junmai Ginjo


Gold Award


Takeshizuku (Hyoon Chozo) 


大吟醸 / Daiginjo


Gold Award

Founded 1792 in Fukuoka, Japan. With over 200 years, Bandai (萬代) has perfected their sake production by cultivating a flourishing natural environment blessed with fresh water reserves within Sangun Mountain. Yamada-Nishiki and Reiho are selected as the rice used during fermentation. Yamada-Nishiki is locally cultivated on Itoshima Peninsula, in Fukuoka prefecture. Bandai's strong preference for the usage of local raw ingredients is the reason its sake continues to win the hearts of the locals in Fukuoka.


Company Profile

Trade name:




2Chome-11-1 Umi, Umi-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka JAPAN 811-2101






小林 弘  (Hiroshi Kobayashi)


Company Foundation:

November 1986



寛政4年  (1792)